Introducing the new Blocktane connector

Introducing the new Blocktane connector

by Yingdan Liang

We are excited to launch Hummingbot’s new Blocktane connector in our next release v0.36.0, which will be shipped on February 8th! This new connector will bring the algorithmic trading superpower to Blocktane users. By setting up and running Hummingbot, users can trade more efficiently while improving price discovery and traffic for this new exchange at the same time.

Blocktane - the first Brazil-based exchange Hummingbot supports

Hummingbot provides users open-source high-frequency crypto trading software with popular algorithmic trading strategies such as market making and arbitrage. Blocktane commits to supporting its community of traders by providing the best of all the tools in the industry. Hummingbot’s open-source nature has enabled Blocktane’s engineering team to build its Hummingbot connector. Having completed all the necessary QA work, Hummingbot plans to include the new Blocktane connector in its next release v.0.36.0, which marks Hummingbot’s first integration with Brazil-based cryptocurrency exchange. This new connector will benefits the Blocktane community in two ways:

  • It provides a robust tool for Blocktane users to dip their toes in crypto algo trading and encourages them to trade more on Blocktane.
  • It increases Blocktane’s exposure to Hummingbot’s 9,000-member strong algo trader community.

What’s next

With Blocktane’s strong presence in Brazil, we are glad to be able to have a presence in the region and increase our Portuguese-speaking user base. We look forward to further expanding our presence in South America and eventually providing token issuers who have listed on Blocktane with the data systems, infrastructure and technical support for liquidity mining in the future.

About Blocktane

Blocktane is a digital asset exchange built by a team of wall street veterans with the expertise and best practices from traditional financial markets at its core. It offers one of the best user experience in industry with advanced automated KYC and insured hot and cold wallet third party custody. Its high performance trading platform and API enable access to exciting opportunities for strategies such as market making or arbitrage. The primary fiat currency on Blocktane Brazilian Reais, with much more to come soon.

Additional Information

If you are an up and coming crypto exchange, which is interested in exploring opportunities of integrating Hummingbot with your exchange, we provide code review and testing services that ensure your connector will perform as expected. Every connector that passes our QA will be included in our core code base so that any Hummingbot user can easily access it. For more information, please contact the team