Development Diary #3

Development Diary #3

by Paulo H. B. Rebouças

Welcome back to another development diary, where we bring updates on what our team is working on and a bit about the plans.

In today's Development Diary, we will talk a bit about the Future! To keep improving Hummingbot, we need to have a target to aim.

So, let’s talk about how we are working toward these targets.

This dev diary is also on Reddit, so we appreciate any feedback about its contents.

Finding the target

Planning isn’t easy, especially when we are talking about software development.

There are many unknowns on the path, and sometimes, the final delivery might not have the significant impact that everyone involved in this development was expecting.

Our team has been working on the Humingbot Client for more than two years now, and the final goal has been evident for us now:

Create a trading platform that empowers all kinds of traders and helps to improve the liquidity across all existing and futures markets

Cryptocurrency markets are brand new compared to the traditional financial markets, where the world’s first stock exchange was created in 1602.

Across the centuries, many tools and platforms have been developed to connect all the thousands of markets that exist today, and the liquidity on these markets has been built across centuries.

The whole crypto market is growing year after year, and a lot of new technology is being created to improve the efficiency of these markets, be it Centralized or Decentralized.

But this fast-paced evolution also leads to isolated markets and assets liquidity spread all over different exchanges and protocols.

So this is our long-term plan: To create a toolbox that allows both professional and individual market makers to build and run any trading strategy on any exchange, improving the overall liquidity of all cryptocurrency markets.

The road to Hummingbot 1.0

But the most critical question is: How?

In the past few months, our team started to discuss what a Hummingbot 1.0 should look like. Hummingbot has been in beta since launch, but now that we have a 15k+ strong market maker community and 30+ exchange connectors, it’s time to make it official.

There are many possible features and functionalities that we could add, but resources are always limited.

Therefore, one of the most important steps is to decide on what our team should work on.

The majority of the features we are discussing adding as a goal for the Hummingbot 1.0 release comes from the same source: You.

All Github Issues, Pull Requests, Discord discussions and suggestions, interviews and direct calls, live streams interactions, feedback emails, surveys answers, and everyone participating in Hummingbot community plays a significant role in the Client planning and development.

Again, a big thank you to all the community members who help us understand what needs to be done to create a fantastic ecosystem!

Soon, we will be publishing a roadmap to the 1.0 Version, and when that happens, we want to hear again what you think about the plan.

What happened in the last two weeks

Now let’s recap what our team has been working on the past two weeks:

Reminder: You can vote on what reported bugs you think our team should prioritize. Read this article to learn how.

The plan for the next development cycle

In the following days, our team will be focusing on the following improvements:

  • Implement the new consolidated API Throttler across different connectors
  • Review of community PRs: #3872
  • Improve developer tutorial on creating strategies: #3949allows
  • Complete Bybit Connector: #2509, #3940

Thank you for your support

We reached the end of our second Development Diary, and every two weeks, a new one will be published with what is happening during our development cycles.

Feel free to let us know what you think about it to keep improving Hummingbot with your feedback.