[Level 4] Become a Pro

[Level 4] Become a Pro

In this level, we will teach you more professional concepts to help you create highly customizable strategies by using web hooks and writing custom bots.

This level is still work in progress. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Reading for Level 4 — Professional

[Academy Level 4] A. Professional — Setting custom scripts & webhooks

Other topics coming up:

  • [Coming up] Advanced PnL Management
  • [Coming up] Using different trading signals to better set up your bot strategy
  • [Coming up] Backtesting
  • Max spread estimation for miner campaigns
  • Private repo installation guide
  • PnL spreadsheet


  • Mission: run a custom script with dynamic price band on PMM
  • Mission: run back-testing on HummingbotSim with your strategies
  • Mission: get into Eagle Club!
  • Mission: set up your server with our AWS credits