Announcing Hummingbot Botcamp - Cohort #1 completed !

Announcing Hummingbot Botcamp -  Cohort #1 completed !

Hummingbot Botcamp

The Hummingbot Foundation started a new project in September — Hummingbot Botcamp, an online cohort-based learning program for developers, traders, and market making enthusiasts to learn how to build and customize Hummingbot scripts from scratch with as few as 50-lines of code. While there are a number of canned scripts in the market, we understand that it is only when you learn how to customize your own scripts that you can gain a competitive edge in market making. Therefore we built a Python-only module called Hummingbot Scripts, as compared to Python and Cython-based Hummingbot Strategies, where you can build highly customizable strategies.

In our 4 weeks of Botcamp, participants have learned how to build different script examples from scratch, and on the 5th week of demo day,  present their scripts and strategy designs with members in the community. Learn more about Botcamp here:

What are Hummingbot Scripts?

Hummingbot Scripts enable users to build customized strategies and access the full power of Hummingbot exchange connectors with a few lines of Python code. They are light-weight Python files that can be run and modified without re-compliation where users can stop a script, make updates to the code, and start it without exiting the Hummingbot client interface. You can build any strategy from scratch easily. To learn more, check out our documentation:

Participants of the Hummingbot Botcamp can also get access to strategies and strategy designs with clear explanations created by past participants. Some have extended strategies of what others have created before.

What will you learn in Botcamp?

Hummingbot Botcamp is a four-week course where you will get basic training on the basic quant theories of market making, overview of how the Hummingbot codebase works, designing your market making strategy, and in the end, you will implement your strategy from scratch. What’s great about the botcamp is that you will be able to get access to 1-1 mentorship with our mentors who will be able to help you with navigating the codebase, overcome technical challenges, and get feedback on your strategy designs.  During the 4 week’s we’ve got you covered. Another thing is that we believe that learning is life-long - once you’ve joined our community, you’ll be able to get lifelong access to our future live sessions and meet future members of the community.

Cohort #1 : Students and Demo Day

We have a diverse group 20+ students joining our private beta Cohort #1 from 10+ countries from all time zones, from university students to quant traders, crypto lawyers, developers, sales & growth, as well as startup founders. Our students have shared their strategies in our demo day to win a pool of 450K HBOT and throughout the process, we’ve learned a lot from each others scripts!

From the Demo day, we have scripts as simple as directional trading with indicators such as RSI, and triangular arbitrage, to scripts that use reinforcement learning. Here are some snippets from the Demo Day:

Presentation from Vik: Triangular Arbitrage strategy

Presentation from Alan: Reinforcement Learning with VWAP

Botcamp Participant Stories

Learn more about experience of participant from Cohort #1 through our participant stories!

Alkalifah - Trader

Alkalifah is a trader at a crypto exchange. He only took a class in coding back in university  and was able to pick up Python and learn from our mentors to build his strategy from scratch.

"I have never been hired for a coding job and I only studied computer science for two years, yet I was able to come up with a script that I'm proud of. I think everyone could do it. I also want to give a shout ut to Fede. Without his guidance, I could have not completed my strategy script."

Vik - Mom

Vik is a mom in Russia with market making as her hobby where she managed to use money market making with Hummingbot to support her family needs.

"Coding was my hobby before, but then I understood that I can make money from quant trading. For all the money I get from trading, I spend on my family's needs. I thought that Hummingbot scripts were just something simple, but I learned that scripts can implemetn complex logic and strategies too."

Alan - Founder of Hot Chili Analytics

Alan is the founder of Hot Chili Analytics, an algorithm trading firm.

Continuous Improvements on Botcamp

Our goal for Botcamp is to create a lifelong learning platform a for students to continue learn from our content and other members in the community. Therefore, we are continuously improving the content and format of Botcamp. After feedback from the first batch, we’ve added new course modules including XEMM strategy, PMM strategy, and we’re working on adding content for directional strategies, DEXes, perpetuals, and more.

Feel free to give us your feedback and what you’d like to learn and we’ll work it out for you or through our network of mentors and botcamp graduates!

To create a good experience for Botcamp, we’re currently limiting the batch size to 20. We may increase the batch size in the future as we find out ways to scale our resources including 1-1 mentorship and dedicated help for our students’ particular needs.

Learn more about Botcamp here: