Hummingbot Bi-weekly #18

v0.14.0 release, custom strategy bounty, dev forum and more

Hummingbot Bi-weekly #18

Welcome to the new Hummingbot Bi-weekly, where we describe the new features in each new Hummingbot release and provide updates on our rapidly growing Hummingbot ecosystem.

Note that this newsletter is now hosted on Substack. We think it’ll make our newsletters more interactive, retrievable and shareable. Hope you like it too!

πŸ™Œ See what’s new in Hummingbot v0.14.0!

Today, we shipped Hummingbot version 0.14.0. This release adds a new exchange connector: Huobi Global. Now users can run market making and arbitrage bots on one of the most active crypto exchanges in the world.

πŸ’° Make money contributing to Hummingbot

We have partnered with MARKET Protocol to launch a bounty to fund the development of a custom Hummingbot strategy.

You now have a chance to earn πŸ€‘1,250 DAIπŸ€‘ for making a custom strategy to provide liquidity for leveraged long LBTC tokens and short SBTC tokens using Hummingbot!

πŸ’¬ NEW! Hummingbot developer forum

Did you know that we just launched a forum for developers and crypto traders?

The Hummingbot DevForum is where you can request new features, learn how to customize and extend Hummingbot, and discuss algorithmic trading strategies with other members of the community.

We believe a forum in which all threads are easily searchable suits better for long-form discussions, and questions that many developers will have in common.

🎀 NEW! Hummingbot Live

Hummingbot Live is an interactive weekly show that we livestream on YouTube on every Thursday 9:30am PDT. Here are what you can expect in every episode of Hummingbot Live -

  • Ask Me Anything aka AMA
  • Educational content and bot demo
  • Product and community updates
  • Upcoming bounties and other fun stuff

Watch the next Hummingbot Live: here
Watch Hummingbot Live replays: here

πŸ“ˆ Read our post about the Harmony liquidity bounty

Two months ago, in conjunction with our friends from Harmony Protocol, we started an experimental program called $ONE Makers to see if ordinary individuals using Hummingbot to run market making bots could effectively provide the same level of liquidity as professional market makers.

We analyze data from the program to answer the question β€œDoes community-based market making work?”

πŸ”₯ Just published, fresh and hot

Top liquidity bounty hunter interview

We interviewed our top $ONE Maker liquidity provider, who ranked #1 in both August and July. Learn from his experience and thoughts: Top liquidity bounty hunter interview featuring Dominator008.

0x + Hummingbot meetup recap

Didn’t make it to our last monthly meetup in San Francisco? Learn more about market making with 0x from watching the meetup replay.πŸ‘‡

🍿 Crypto snacks

A curated list of recently-published content about crypto trading, #DeFi, and other topics that might be interesting for Hummingbot users and developers

What can we learn from the history of the internet for the future of crypto? Why is crypto an important evolution (or revolution) of the internet? In this episode of the a16z Podcast, general partner Katie Haun interviews a16z co-founder Marc Andreessen. - From the Internet's Past to the Future of Crypto

Market makers enable financial markets to become more efficient by reducing price volatility and enabling price discovery. But how can you get started with it as a crypto startup? Here’s A Guide to Market Making for Crypto Startups by Jakob Palmstierna, Director of Investments Solutions of GSR, a professional market maker.

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