Hummingbot Bi-weekly #32

Launching Eagle Club, Liquidity mining 1-month recap, free training sessions and more

Hummingbot Bi-weekly #32

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πŸ¦… Launching the Eagle Club

We are excited to announce that we are launching The Eagle Club, a VIP program for top liquidity miners today. The goal of the Club is to enhance the user experience of top performing miners and to provide dedicated support to help them trade more confidently and perform better.

Along with the launch of the Eagle Club, we have also rolled out a real-time leaderboard where miners can see how they rank versus other miners.

🧩 Liquidity mining term change and updates for April

Reducing max spreads to 3%

Following feedback from miners and a decrease in market volatility, we have reduced the max spread for all campaigns to 3% (from 5% previously).

The new curve increases the relative weighting for miners placing orders with tighter spreads.

For the most part, miners were already generally using spreads tighter than 3%. Below is an example of the recent spread distribution for the Zcoin markets. The majority of orders being placed by miners were already 3% or lower.

Pausing Harmony ONE Campaign & Upcoming Campaigns

Following recent market volatility, Harmony has decided to put their campaign on hold and will evaluate when to restart the program.

For miners who were participating in ONE pairs, you can still earn rewards by joining the other campaigns for RLC, XZC, and ZIL.

We plan to bring more new campaigns onto the platform. Stayed tuned for an imminent announcement!

πŸ“ˆ Liquidity mining 1-month recap

In the first month, despite the extreme volatility and all that's going on with the coronavirus, we have achieved really encouraging results.

One-month Statistics:

  • Our miners have generated over $9.6 mm of filled order volume

  • 654 sign-ups to the Miners App

  • 363 distinct users have connected the miners app to their Binance accounts

  • 207 distinct miners have configured bots and have earned rewards

  • A total reward of US$12,558 has been paid out, on average one miner earned US$1.96 reward per day

  • The top miner has earned 1.47K USDC rewards

  • 38 miners have earned rewards > 100 USDC

πŸŽ’ Free Liquidity Mining group training sessions

Our free training sessions have been well received by the community during the past few weeks, so we have decided to host more sessions to get users onboard. We’ll host Basic trainings for first-time viewers and Advanced training for second-time viewers and experienced users on an alternate basis. The detailed schedule is as below:

April 7: Advanced (more tips and strategies)

The Advanced training session will cover:

  • Using multiple orders with inventory skew
  • Using hanging orders mode
  • Ways to handle market volatility

April 14: Basic

The Basic training session will cover:

  • The basic concepts behind market making
  • How to install Hummingbot
  • Configuring a market making bot
  • Earning token rewards with Liquidity Mining
  • How to assess your bot’s performance and mining returns
  • Recommended settings and tips
  • Q&As

Spots are limited for each training session, so RSVP today to reserve your preferred day and time!

🍿 Crypto snacks

A curated list of recently-published content about crypto trading, #DeFi, and other topics that might be interesting for Hummingbot users and developers

πŸ₯•Following its Part 1 we shared in our last newsletter, March 12: The Day Crypto Market Structure Broke (Part 2) attempts to explore the potential solutions to some of the market structure problems outlined in Part 1.

🌽 Haseeb Qureshi of Dragonfly Capital in his latest essay Why Decentralization Isn’t as Important as You Think explains why he thinks the focus on decentralization can be overhyped. He talks about which questions we should be asking beyond just, β€œis it decentralized”.

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