Hummingbot Newsletter - December 2021

Shipped v0.46.0 release | Harmony Liquidity DAO | New YouTube series on Pro Market Making | New Miner features: CSV export, watchlist, etc

Hummingbot Newsletter - December 2021

Welcome to the Hummingbot Newsletter!

Published each month when we ship a new Hummingbot release, this newsletter serves a regular dose of updates about our latest features πŸ€–, upcoming events πŸŽ‰, and announcements from our rapidly expanding global 🌐 community!

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Shipped Hummingbot v0.46.0 (last beta) and announcing Hummingbot v1.0!

We are very excited to ship the December 2021 Hummingbot release (v0.46.0) today! This release contains significant improvements to the avellaneda and perpetual-market-making strategies, new connectors to MEXC and WazirX, and a brand-new approach to paper trading!

v0.46 will be the last beta release of Hummingbot. Going forward, the Hummingbot Foundation will begin to enact a process that enables the community to participate in deciding what’s included in each Hummingbot release.

To mark this shift to a new community-oriented direction for Hummingbot, the next release will be Hummingbot 1.0 and will is planned for mid-January 2022.

Gateway V2 Updates

We have made substantial progress on building Gateway V2, the new standalone middleware that connects to various blockchains and the DEXs on them. While Gateway won’t be merged to the master branch until Q1 2022, developers can already check out the code on the feature branch:

Here is how you can get involved and give feedback:

  • Read our CTO’s technical blog post that explains how Gateway works
  • Check out the feature branch:
  • Private Discord channel #dev-gateway-v2 to answer questions from developers building other integrations for Matic, Algorand, BSC and other chains
  • Private Telegram groups for developers discussing how to integrate Hummingbot to Solana and Harmony

Email in order to get access to these private Discord and Telegram groups.

Harmony Liquidity DAO + other protocol partnerships

ONE Liquidity DAO announcement

We’re excited to announce that the Hummingbot Foundation plans to collaborate with Harmony to launch ONE Liquidity DAO to promote liquidity on the Harmony blockchain and for its tokens, primarily by building open source Hummingbot infrastructure.

The DAO will hold elections on Harmony’s governance portal starting on December 1. Governor candidates should apply on Harmony’s governance forum.

We are discussing similar partnerships with other launch partners featured in the Hummingbot Foundation announcement.

πŸŽ™οΈ New Youtube series: Professional Market Making

We started a new YouTube series to show users techniques employed by professional market makers when running crypto trading bots.

The first video in the series is below. Over the next few weeks, we will create other videos that showcase and demonstrate specific strategies used by professional market makers. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updated when they drop!

🌊 Hummingbot Miner news

New features

  • CSV Export: As requested by many users, it is now possible to download your rewards info as a CSV file
  • Watchlist: As offered by most exchanges and trading platforms, it will now be possible to create a Watchlist of markets you want to follow more closely
  • Market Navigation Widget: You can now navigate from one market to another using a dropdown widget on each Market page

New campaigns and extensions

Hummingbot Miner continue to launch new campaigns for both large and small tokens

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