Hummingbot Newsletter - January 2022

Official Hummingbot 1.0 release | Community Call | ETHDenver event

Hummingbot Newsletter - January 2022

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Published each month when we ship a new Hummingbot release, this newsletter serves a regular dose of updates about our latest features πŸ€–, upcoming events πŸŽ‰, and announcements from our rapidly expanding global 🌐 community!

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Announcing Hummingbot 1.0!

We are excited to announce the launch of Hummingbot 1.0, the first official release of the Hummingbot software!

This release contains many important changes such as the new Binance and Binance Perpetual reference connectors that developers should use to build new connectors (see 1.0.0 Release Notes), but the biggest change in Hummingbot 1.0 is that we are officially handing over the open source Hummingbot project to the user community.

In a new post, we explain what the Hummingbot 1.0 release represents and how the HBOT token distribution plan benefits the Hummingbot ecosystem as a whole.

First community call next Tuesday

We will start a monthly open community call on the Hummingbot Discord to involve the community more. During the first call, we plan to:

  • Explain the HBOT distribution process in more detail
  • Show examples of proposals in each category
  • Highlight ideas for upcoming community initiatives
  • Answer questions from developers and users

Event details:

  • Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
  • Time: 9:00 EST / 14:00 GMT / 21:00 Asia
  • Link: Discord event

We will post the recording on the Hummingbot YouTube afterwards.

Join us URL at ETHDenver!

As one of the largest developer conferences in crypto, ETHDenver is an ideal location to show the rest of crypto industry how the open source Hummingbot ecosystem works.

Along with partners such as H.E.R. DAO, Re7 Capital, and Harmony’s ONE Liquidity DAO, we will share how liquidity links us all together and how it offers both opportunities and challenges for us.

Liquidity + Libations: a Collective Gathering on Liquidity, DAOs, & DeFi

  • Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
  • Time: 17:00 to 19:00 MST
  • Location: Irish Rover, 54 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209
  • Link: Eventbrite link

Interview with DeFi Quant Hedge Fund

Co-founder Michael Feng conducted an interview with Evgeny Gokhberg of Re7 Capital, a crypto quant hedge fund. In this video, Evgeny shares how he started his journey from traditional finance to managing a hedge fund that specializes in DeFi quantitative trading.

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