Hummingbot Newsletter - July 2022

πŸš€ Hummingbot 1.6.0 release featuring new Bitmex + Uniswap-V3 connectors | πŸ“ˆ Real-time Volumes dashboard | πŸ“ New Community Forum | 🌊 New HBOT pool on TraderJoe | πŸ—£οΈ Video of ETHCC[5] Talk

Hummingbot Newsletter - July 2022

Welcome to the Hummingbot Newsletter!

Published each month when we ship a new Hummingbot release, this newsletter serves a regular dose of updates about our latest features πŸ€–, upcoming events πŸŽ‰, and announcements from our rapidly expanding global 🌐 community!

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πŸš€ Shipped Hummingbot v1.6.0!

We are very excited to ship the July 2022 Hummingbot release (v1.6.0) today!

This release introduces a major update to Hummingbot’s configuration management system, making it pydantic and giving users more flexibility to change how Hummingbot and its strategies are configured.

Also, this release adds a number of new exchange connectors, such as Bitmex spot and perpetual connectors, Uniswap-V3 (Ethereum), QuickSwap (Polygon), and Latoken.

Bug fixes include the refactoring of Bitmart connector to the latest connector standards, fixing of Kucoin issue when retrieving trading fees for multiple pairs, and fixing of an Huobi update event bug.

πŸ“’ June 2022 monthly report

We continue to publish a monthly report that lists the sources and uses of funds for the Hummingbot Foundation, treasury balance, and reported trade volume per exchange.

Read the June 2022 report.

πŸ“ˆ [Dashboard] Hummingbot Reported Volumes

Since Hummingbot is a community-driven open source project, transparency is one of our core values. We are excited to present a real-time dashboard that shows the daily aggregated, anonymized trade volume generated by Hummingbot users.

Just like Hummingbot, the reporting dashboard is highly configurable. Toggle the date range, use the filters to see volume per exchange and per Hummingbot version, and activate dark mode!

πŸ“ New Official Community Forum

After the community overwhelmingly asked us to shift the forum from Commonwealth to Discourse in a Discord forum poll, we are delighted to present the new Discourse-based forum.

This new forum located at will be the official forum for Hummingbot, replacing the old Commonwealth forum. It provides a more developer-friendly, mobile-optimized user experience for the Hummingbot community to discuss proposals, code architecture, and other long-form threads about Hummingbot.

We are inviting you to join and continue with engaging discussions at the new forum. Specifically, we appreciate your comments and feedback on these recently posted threads:

🌊 [Liquidity] HBOT/AVAX pool on TraderJoe is now live!

Following the approval of HGP-20 [LD] Create Liquidity pool on Trader Joe (Avalanche) 5, the Foundation has created the pool outlined in the proposal.

The Foundation created the pool with 10,000 USDC worth of AVAX and 10,000 USDC worth of HBOT tokens using the real-time prices for AVAX/USDC at TraderJoe (AVAX) and USDC/HBOT at Uniswap (ETH), respectively:

  • Pool link: Trader Joe
  • Creation time: July 7, 7:28am PST / 10:58pm HKT
  • HBOT amount: 1,087,370
  • AVAX amount: 508.51

πŸ“Š [Dashboard] TVL vs MCAP Analysis StreamLit-App

We are delighted to share a new data app in our streamlit-apps repo:

  • TVL vs MCAP Analysis: this data app helps Hummingbot users easily compare various DeFi protocols based on their market capitalization and total value locked, using DeFiLlama data.

Check out this link for the deployed app.

Just like the repositories maintained by Hummingbot Foundation, StreamLit Apps is free and open source. We welcome new data apps, bug fixes, and improvements by the Hummingbot community!

πŸ—£οΈ [Video] EthCC Talk: Bots + Exchanges: A Perfect Storm

Check out the video πŸ”½, in which Hummingbot co-founder Michael Feng described the main categories of bots (arbitrage, market making, liquidation, NFT etc.), who runs bots, and the symbiotic relationship that bots have with centralized and decentralized exchanges.

This talk was given at Ethereum Community Conference (ETHCC) 5 on 19th July 2022.

Please watch and share with your network!

🎀 [Podcast] Open Sourcing the Maker and the Taker

Hummingbot co-founder Michael Feng discussed with Eric Hess of The Encrypted Economy podcast about the decentralization of the market maker function and giving an edge back to smaller traders with the software. Michael further explained how Hummingbot is trying to open source the opaque market making industry.

Please listen and share with your network!

πŸ€– [Video] Launching Multiple Bots with Docker Compose

Foundation engineer Federico shows you how to use Docker Compose to automatically launch multiple Hummingbot instances with different configurations that save to the same Postgres DB.

Please watch and share with your network!

πŸ“š [Github Repo] Hummingbot Project Management Repo

Inspired by Ethereum’s Dev Call Meetings which maintained meetings’ recordings with Github, we are excited to share the version of Hummingbot Project Management (PM) Repo.

This repository contains agendas and recordings for Hummingbot community calls - both the weekly dev call and the monthly community call.

Based on feedback during June’s Community Call, Foundation team started the first Weekly Developer Call on 13 June 2022. Anyone can propose agenda items via Github pull request.

Thus, we encourage everyone to add agenda items to upcoming meetings by commenting on the latest agenda.

☎️ July Community Call

In order to showcase new exchanges / strategies added to the Hummingbot codebase and to engage with our community more broadly, we have started to hold regular Community Calls on our Discord server.

When: Wednesday August 3rd, 2pm GMT / 7am PST



  • Epoch 2 Proposed Budget and Key Initiatives
  • Hummingbot BotCamp
  • Exchange Certification Voting
  • QA Process for Certified Exchanges
  • New Community Resources

❌ Don’t fall for HBOT scams!

Finally, we have seen reports of scammers DM-ing users on Discord, Twitter and other channels advertising fake HBOT token sales, as well as bot spammers that impersonated the names & profile of Hummingbot Foundation team members.

If you see anyone trying to scam Hummingbot users, please report it in the new #scam-reports Discord channel.

Example of a HBOT token scam πŸ‘Ώ

Hummingbot Foundation has never conducted any pre-sale or sale of HBOT tokens, and anyone purporting to offer HBOT tokens is a scammer.

The only way to get HBOT tokens from the Foundation is to earn them via approved Hummingbot Governance Proposals and Hummingbot Improvement Proposals.

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