Community Incentives Program Update

Community Incentives Program Update

Over half a year has passed since the launch of the Community Incentives Program, initiated in proposals HGP-27 and HGP-32. The primary objective of this initiative is to foster robust engagement and dynamic problem-solving within our Discord channels by rewarding quality answers with HBOT rewards.

Since its launch, the community has generated a remarkable total of 2,364 responses, and we've distributed over 2M HBOT tokens as rewards for their efforts.

Below, we extend our sincere appreciation to our top 10 community contributors, who have consistently provided insightful responses and shared their personal experiences for the betterment of the community.

Their dedication and commitment have been instrumental in allowing the Foundation Team to focus on various other vital aspects like documentation, governance, content creation, codebase enhancements, provision of mini-lessons, and organizing Hummingbot botcamps. This outcome aligns perfectly with the original goal we set for the program.

Incentivizing Foundation Team To Help Support Community

However, with the rapid expansion of Hummingbot's features - such as the Directional Strategy Framework, Dashboard, Bot Orchestration, and Gateway v2 with new DEXes - we have observed that our community members may not have enough knowledge and experience about these new code repositories required to confidently address new users' queries and concerns.

The Foundation Team has recently been proactively addressing technical questions, especially those related to gateway issues and the directional strategy framework.

Following internal deliberations, we have decided to include Foundation team members as eligible recipients of HBOT rewards in addition to community members. Although this diverts us from our day-to-day responsibilities to improve the codebase and manage releases, we believe that creating an incentive to devote some of our time to help resolving issues in Discord's public channels is a worthwhile endeavor.

We've also taken into consideration the feedback, comments, and suggestions from the community. While these insights are invaluable, we are unable to implement certain suggestions that do not ensure fairness to all participants or that disproportionately benefit a select few within the community.

How to Join the Program

As always, we encourage more members to join this program and start earning HBOT for answering questions! We believe that a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and skills can only serve to enrich our collective learning and growth.

To get started:

  1. Just fill out the AML Policy Form
  2. Join the Hummingbot Discord
  3. Start answering questions in almost all public channel!

Rewarded answers will get a 1️⃣, 2️⃣, or 3️⃣ emojis appended to their message by Foundation team members. HBOT rewards will be distributed to their wallets each week.

Should the participation and reward distribution increase in the coming months, we will aim to replenish the HBOT reward pool to continue providing worthwhile incentives for everyone.