Hummingbot Bi-weekly #19

v0.15.0 release, Hummingbot Evangelist Program, strategy hacks and more

Hummingbot Bi-weekly #19

Welcome to the Hummingbot Bi-weekly #19, where you get a bi-weekly dose of updates on new Hummingbot features and exciting news of our rapidly growing Hummingbot community.✌️

πŸ”‘ NEW! Paper trading mode in Hummingbot v0.15.0

Today, we are excited to ship Hummingbot version 0.15.0! This release is packed with new features and fixes, including the oft-requested paper trading mode and significant improvements to the pure market making, Β cross-exchange market making, and discovery strategies.

See the release notes below for more details about what’s in this new version of Hummingbot.

🎺 Announcing the $ONE Makers Community Bounty Reward

Since the launch of the $ONE Makers program, we and Harmony have been overwhelmed with the results thus far. In our previous post, we explained that we have been very encouraged to see tangible signs that our mission of community-driven market making is actually possible!

We are happy to see bounty hunters and community members actively helping each other and achieving higher trading volume together. This collaboration and sense of community has inspired us to come up with a way to reward the community.

To that end, we are announcing an additional reward for September - If $ONE Makers achieves the $10 mil volume goal by the end of September, a community reward of 10 ETH will be distributed to all the bounty hunters proportionally based on each participant’s filled order volume in September.

We are within striking distance of $10 million, so let’s all work together to hit that milestone!

🐝 Hummingbot Evangelist Program

Since the launch of Hummingbot in April, we have been highly impressed by how fast our community grows and how amazing our community members are. Members are actively spreading the word for Hummingbot, participating in bounties, reporting bugs, suggesting features and helping each other.

In addition, we’ve got an exchange connector single-handedly built by a community member, and many more show interests in building one. A community member translated our documents into Chinese and maintains a Chinese website for Hummingbot. Some members are currently working on translating our documents into Russian and other languages.

We are so thankful for what our users have done to this community! We believe there are infinite ways to make our community better, so we are excited to launch the Evangelist Program, which cultivates a remarkable dev culture for the global Hummingbot ecosystem and empowers leaders in our community.

πŸ“ˆ Learn Hummingbot strategy hacks

Did you know that you could use the existing three Hummingbot strategies as building blocks to create other popular trading strategies? We recently published a blog post on how to use Hummingbot to achieve TWAP, triangular arbitrate and more.

Read the post

πŸ₯‚ Catch up with us!

#DeFi Assemble Osaka | 0x, imToken & Hummingbot

Will you be at DevCon 5 this October in Japan?

0x, Hummingbot, and imToken invite you to join this super team of DeFi projects for an evening of engaging discussion and networking during DevCon in Osaka!

🎀 Hummingbot Live

Hummingbot Live, an interactive weekly show that we livestream on YouTube, is back this Thursday (Sept 26, 2019)! Here are what you can expect in this episode of Hummingbot Live -

  • Ask Me Anything aka AMA
  • Paper trading mode demo
  • Product and community updates
Watch the next Hummingbot Live: here

🍿 Crypto snacks

A curated list of recently-published content about crypto trading, #DeFi, and other topics that might be interesting for Hummingbot users and developers

πŸ₯‘ The author of Synthetic Assets in DeFi: Use Cases & Opportunities argues that crypto markets will evolve in a similar manner to traditional financial markets and will require more sophisticated financial instruments. This article provides an overview of synthetic financial assets, and focuses on explanations and examples of synthetics.

🀀 UMA Protocol has launched a synthetic token builder on testnet. It allows users to create tokens that track the price of anything. Exciting! Learn how it works - Announcing the UMA Synthetic Token Builder.

🍒 In the article Crypto and the Latency Arms Race: Towards Speed Bumps and OTC Trading, the author explains how latency arbitrage engaged by institutional HFT traders might discourage retail investors and as such, might actually hurt the liquidity of the market. We believe that’s where Hummingbot comes into play. By empowering average users with the HFT superpower, it provides a level playing ground for all.

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