Botcamp Cohort #3 Demo Day Recap

Botcamp Cohort #3 Demo Day Recap

On March 7, we held the Botcamp Cohort #3 Demo Day, where our Hummingbot Botcamp participants shared the scripts that they have created after our 6-week online core course!

Botcamp is an annual membership that  consists of one 6-week core course and additional events / modules available throughout the year. The mission of Botcamp is to democratize scripts writing and customization for all so that every trader has a control of their destiny. We started botcamp because while there are canned scripts in the market, we realized - after having interviews with our successful community members - that the most successful traders have gained a competitive edge are those that can customize their own script. We built botcamp so that you can make use of Hummingbot Scripts to create any script you’d like from scratch starting with as few as 50 lines of code, but is highly composable and configurable to build what you want.

Our Botcamp participants are a group of passionate software developers, startup founders, sales / marketing folks, and quant traders who are interested in developing their development and trading skills & theories – many of them have become friends after the end of the cohort!  

What's new in this cohort?

This cohort, we have introduced a new chapter in Botcamp on DEXes so that you can develop DEX strategies with Hummingbot Gateway. We've also launched a new directional framework so that you can build directional strategies more easily. Some of our students have leveraged our new content and frameworks to develop their own strategies.

Get a Taste of Demo Day Scripts

Here are some scripts that students created for Demo Day.

Alex - Cross DEX Arbitrage on Same Chain

Alex (alex_lau#8125) implemented a Cross DEX arbitrage strategy using Hummingbot Gateway. He explored arbitrage opportunities across Pancake Swap and Sushi Swap across Binance Smart Chain.

The code for his script can be found here.

Jacky - XEMM-Triangular Arbitrage

Jacky (mson#9889) developed a Triangular Arbitrage strategy for XEMM, which involves placing orders on the maker exchange and executing triangular arbitrage trades on the taker exchange once the maker order is filled. According to Jacky's hypothesis, some quote assets have significant liquidity differences, even for pairs with the same base asset, such as ADA-BTC and ADA-USDT. However, the pairs for these two quote assets are highly liquid, such as BTC-USDT.

The strategy aims to find more opportunities by acting as a maker on low-liquidity exchanges with illiquid pairs and executing triangular arbitrage trades as a taker on high-liquidity exchanges. Highly reputable assets like BTC-USDT and ETH-USDT are part of the combination, which provides greater flexibility for the strategy and lowers inventory risk in the portfolio.

His script can be found here.

Andy - Geometric Trailing Grid Strategy

Andy (talkinandy#8364) created a Trailing Geometric Grid strategy that aims to capture the volatility of a pair at any price with a lower exposure to the asset itself. It is an improvement over the popular grid trading as recommended Binance and other exchanges.

Andy's hypothesis is that most of the time, an asset will be sideways moving at a certain range. This will provide an opportunity for trading within the range using grid strategy, especially on pairs that always correlate in direction i.e BTC quote pairs. However, a regular (fixed) grid strategy has certain limitations:

  • the min & max price of the grid need to be manually defined
  • Need to hold base asset for the quantity of current price to the max level of the grid
  • Risk of opportunity loss when price out of range
  • The interval between steps of the grid in percentage will always be different especially on longer range, because it’s using arithmetic sequence when dividing between min & max range.
  • Cannot be executed on multiple pairs at once since each pair require unique configurations (base order qty, min price, max price)

Therefore, this script will execute trailing grid strategy with geometric price increment & decrement. Trailing means it will follow whatever the asset price is and continuously having active trades on the asset. Instead of waiting for price to move down to buy, this strategy will place bid order at the mid price of each step, and remember to execute market order when price reach 1 step above. The script also allows user to hold only one asset (quote) when starting the strategy.

His script can be found here.

Valentin - Small tokens portfolio rebalancing strategy

Valentin (vlntb#4660) implemented a small tokens portfolio rebalancing strategy. Often, many of us have a bunch of small tokens that have a big chance of both increasing in value and losing their value. The proposed rebalancing strategy will track the performance of each token, calculate its weight in the portfolio and then rebalance according to the calculated weight. The script calculates each token's performance using CoinMarketCap signals to calculate performance indicators, and based on the performance indicators, the script calculates the new token weights in the portfolio. The script also has a minimum amount threshold to avoid small transactions jittering with trading fees. This is a helpful script for many of us, even if we're not actively trading on exchanges!

His script can be found here.

What do students say about Botcamp?

As cliché as it sounds, botcamp is as much as how you put in. Students come from different backgrounds in engineering, quant trading, trading-as-a-hobby, and crypto enthusiasts. Depending on students' needs, whether it's navigating the codebase, learning how an exchange works, or getting advice on trading strategies, students can book times with relevant mentors that specialize in that area.

Here's what our students have to say about Botcamp!

"I've been talking to another botcamp student and we both agree that this is the best investment we've made this year."

Andy  (talkinandy#8364)

I'm so glad I joined Botcamp. I've met new friends and I'm now forming a team with Botcamp alumni to build our own projects together

Jacky (mson#9889)